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Sid Fletchers Blog


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Park Hill 50th Birthday

Posted on 17 June, 2011 at 9:22 Comments comments (87)
Not the most advertised event of the decade ; but apparently Park hill was officially opened 50 years ago (yesterday)- I only got to learn when I was going to bed ! Here's what the Yorkshire Post had to say .....
Graffiti to be rescued in city flats restoration
Published on Thursday 16 June 2011 06:00
AN UNLIKELY feature of Sheffield’s Grade II Listed Park Hill flats has been preserved as part of the redevelopment of the high-rise complex.
A scrawled graffiti message making the statement “I love you will u marry me” has been a feature of a concrete bridge linking two sections of the structure for many years.
Now developer Urban Splash has decided the message, daubed by an unknown author, is too valuable to lose and it has been highlighted further with a neon sign which spells out the words.
It is 50 years today since Park Hill flats were officially opened as council flats. For several years now Urban Splash has been involved in redevelopment work which will see the complex transformed for modern needs.
Exterior work and landscaping are now nearing completion, with apartments expected to go on sale from September, when the first four to be modernised will go on show to the public.
Urban Splash chairman Tom Bloxham said graffiti was now recognised as part of the heritage and romance of the flats.
He said: “As Park Hill turns 50, a new chapter is beginning and it is fitting to mark this point with the unveiling of the next modern twist at Park Hill – the neon I Love You Will U Marry Me sign.
“The declaration ‘I love you will you marry me’ is not only an iconic piece of graffiti but is also our invitation to the city. We want people to love Park Hill once again and it is exciting to see the development taking shape,” he said.
A series of events over several months is being planned to celebrate the building’s half-century anniversary, which will include exhibitions, music and arts events.
In addition, designers and artists have also been commissioned to create homeware and artworks to commemorate the anniversary.
Coun Harry Harpham, Sheffield Council’s regeneration spokesman, said: “Park Hill is a flagship development in Sheffield, both because it’s so visible from many parts of the city and it has such a rich and fascinating history.”
You'd think that given the Grade 2 listed status of the Brutalist Beauty and also how much Urban Splash are promoting how fantastic it is and will be to live there; they'd have made more of fuss about the unveiling of the now neon enhanced classic graffiti adorning the walkway connecting  Long Henry Row between Phase 1 and Phase 2
Anyhow at risk of sounding like a right miserable so and so I'll stop moaning and merely acknowledge the fact i'm envious that i wasn't there
While you're here check out the mug

Urban Outfitters, Kensington London

Posted on 16 June, 2011 at 12:05 Comments comments (0)
Work currently on display at Urban Outfitters, Kensington London
promoted by MoonKo
These are my pieces
Other Artists displaying their wares are

Dialogue [email protected] Electric Works, Sheffield - Balfron Tower / Robin Hood Gardens, London

Posted on 25 April, 2011 at 23:38 Comments comments (199)
Been a bit busier recently after somewhat of an absence
Firstly have just returned from a couple of days in London with my good wife celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary. It would be sacrilege not for me  to sneak in a bit of housing into the itinerary , so i managed to sneak off on the DLR to Blackwall to check out these Britalist Behemoths that've been on my hitlist for some years
BALFRON TOWER by Erno Goldfinger
and (ParkHills half brother)
by Alison and Peter Smithson
More info, history and pics of these beauties to come at a later Blog
back to the present....
Am having work featured in the "Dialogue" exhibition organised by MoonKo 
The exhibition is from Tuesday 26th April - Saturday 30th April with a launch event 5:30-7:30pm on the Tuesday- i'll be off to the Sheffield Tap straight after... do feel free to join me...
The exhibition is an exploration of the theme "Dialogue" the relationship between public and private spaces, the conversation that takes plave between journey and time- Obviously that bit wasn't written me - thats good ol' copy and paste
My input has been to get some of my more popular and graphic images of ParkHill printed up onto huge PVC based board - largest image being 2 x 1 metre
other artists contributing are Andy Brown, James Dodd, Deborah Moon, Jonathon Stead and Roanna Wells

Urban Outfitters Manchester / Electric Works Sheffield

Posted on 31 March, 2011 at 21:06 Comments comments (0)
Been quite a while since i posted on my blog, I do apologise  for my  absence and i'm the first to admit that i'm not the best of bloggers  but  I have to say that I've  been trying to take  it a little easy since Xmas.
This has been a conscious decision on my part - as my family/ personal  life was starting to suffer at the hands of my many projects - additionally work (which unfortunately is a necessity not a project!)  has been pretty relentless over the past 3 months consequently  I have been a little quiet on the Artistic front -
 I did however manage to participate in the annual "Under the Bed" sale at Cupola , Sheffield and happily sold several pieces- many thanks to all involved at Cupola and of course the proud owners of my work !   I will be submitting more prints  in the "Naked" sale later this year
More importantly , another outcome of participating in the Cupola sale is that I now have an agent/promoter  (enter thewonderful Debbie Moon)  whom has managed to secure  Exhibition space for me and several other artists at the very hip and trendy...
too cool for school eh..
The exhibition starts on April 7th and may run for several months, there's going to be a launch party in the store with Bar , DJ and all that jazz - anybody is welcome to attend and I will be posting incriminating pics up on here at some point
If that big line of hills that divides the North West from the rest of the world (ie The Pennines..) is too much for you Sheffielders to contemplate then relax , I'm also going to be exhibiting  at
which is beautifully situated slap bang in front of Park Hill, inbetween Ponds Forge and Hallam Uni library - the exhibition will run from April 26th (just in time for that free Bank Holiday  eh!) I will post more detail as they unfurl ...
Finally 7 Garden Street in Sheffield finally seems to be taking off with Artists in residence and also numerous talks and philosophical debates.  Owen Hatherley author of Militant Modernism is delivering a talk there , Friday 8th April 630pm  to book a place contact their

The Utopia that failed

Posted on 4 March, 2011 at 20:32 Comments comments (94)
I don't advertise that i (ahem ..) occasionally
read the Guardian but some kind soul at worker tossed todays supplement to me, with a great article on the razing of Modernist estates such as the Heygate in South London
Glad to know there's other like minded folk out there..

TowerBlockMetal prints in the Under the Bed Sale- Cupola Contemporary Art Gallery Sheffield

Posted on 17 January, 2011 at 18:20 Comments comments (0)
Taken down the tinsel, put on a few er pounds, headed back to the grindstone, in need of a retox?  Or just something bloody else to do!
Beat off those January blues with a bit of TowerBlockMetal guaranteed to perk up any rainy day - well nearly.  From the well known Park Hill facade to the satirical State Dependent Family or the iconic Tinsley Cooling Towers this is not to be missed.  From block prints to framed prints and just, well, just on their own prints grab your very own slice of inner city Sheffield  before they sell out.  Most pieces under a £100; sale ends January the 30th. 

BLOCSPACE Art Sale, Xmas chaos and Postcard Cafe

Posted on 17 December, 2010 at 18:30 Comments comments (0)
Been a hell of a busy week, here in TowerBlockMetal land, i need to go to work some  nights just for the break!
 Monday - received calls from both Sheffield Stockists-Cupola and OldSweetShop  requesting more mugs and prints for the much apprehended Xmas dash
Tuesday  -Gym(personal training aaaargh) straight to Oldsweetshop then Haircut then deliver an Ebay sale- back home  clean house .Mount and frame prints 
Wednesday evening  - framing and mounting prints
Thursday took friends and children to Manchester Airport first thing (India for 1 month- lucky so and so's) drove back thru Snake pass - the snow started again was very Black Metal!!, then decanted mugs and prints to Cupola and BLOC
Friday -Training course and nightshift (picking up a few last xmas bits in lunch)
I am proverbially knackered ..!
One of the bonuses of the hectic week!: i now have a beard which isn't the bonus rather more of a statement of my lack of selfcare ; is that i was able to meet up with a fellow Sheffield
artist ;  Nigel Bendle who runs the Blog POSTCARD CAFE
He is a very interesting  chap  ( and nice to boot)I  look forward to meeting with him more often, like me he is similary interested in the perception of the Urban environment- he has certainly made me think in different ways about how i present my work. Nigel has kindly taken some photos of my work at the BLOCSPACE Art sale which is now on (see flyer) 
The smaller framed prints are £20-£30
Medium one with black frame £45
Large Yellow print framed £75

BLOC art sale 17th -19th December -Sheffield

Posted on 9 December, 2010 at 11:18 Comments comments (209)
BLOC artspace just off the Moor Sheffield  City Centre (behind Decathalon) are having an art sale on the weekend before Xmas - Fri 17th -Sun 19th December- TowerBlockMetal mugs , large wallart prints and cards will be onsale there - think Xmas gifts for those cranky relatives whio are sooo difficult to buy for
The studio takes commission so Mugs will be £10 , large prints  £45 - cards £2
Its a great independant venue / studio and should be supported - got that kids..

Featured in SoundCheck mAgazine

Posted on 26 November, 2010 at 17:08 Comments comments (0)

more sales...and then Motorhead...what a day!

Posted on 16 November, 2010 at 6:54 Comments comments (0)
A definite cert to cheer me up is recieving notification either by phone , email or simply a cheque dropping through the letterbox via  my cheerful postie - that someone appreciates TowerBlockMetal merchandise  so much , that they have put their money where their mouth is, seperated with  their hard earned cash and now have the walls of their homes and their coffe tables  adorned with essential innercity apparel 
A big THANK YOU  to the customers of the OldSweetShop, Nether Edge Road , Sheffield 7  for buying mugs, tote bags, cards and prints - there are  more designs to come, thanks again to Emma for all her help
(another thing that is definitely going to  cheer me up - is going to Manchester tonight , hanging out with mates that go waaaay too far back- drinking far too much - then watching the Godfather of Metal himself ladies and gentlemen.......  Mr Lemmy Kilminster)
There's is only one God! ...Available from TowerBlockMetal