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Sid Fletchers Blog


State Dependent Family / Artists for the RedCross

Posted on 8 June, 2012 at 14:55 Comments comments (284)
Id be a fool if I didn't bang on about this 

I've donated a customized version of one of my most popular images - the classic "State Dependent Family" to a charity Art auction in aid of the RedCross .The auction comprises  10 pieces of original local  Art  They'll be  on display in the Winter Gardens until the end of tomorrow -Saturday June 9th - the art will remain  in a silent auction until June 29th - (to be honest I don't know how that works! possibly similar to Ebay)
The event has had  coverage in todays  Sheffield Star (Page 6)  which naturally I'm quite chuffed about as it features yours truly

And also in Postcode Gazette

The Red Cross website, where people can download a catalogue and  make their bids is at  (they can also make their bids at the exhibition).
There is  also  a Facebook page:

State Dependent Family is an open edition print and can be purchased online in most sizes and  mediums here

It also may be an appropriate time for me  to mention that I will be holding another stall at St Marys  Vintage Fair, Bramall Lane  next Saturday  16th June 10-4pm On sale as well as the standard issue cards and prints there will be many new and hand made bespoke pie
ces of unrelenting brutal concrete monotony - a great asset to any urban lounge (if you're that way inclined of course) there will be a similar larger guild framed version of State Dependent Family (version 2) on sale for £125- this isn't an auction though so it will be first come  first served i'm afraid 
Finally as a loyal TBM follower I've enclosed some of the notes I made in reference to the work
Hope to see you around 
Sid Fletcher

State Dependent Family by Sid FletcherBrief description Approx 20in square print on 340gsm vinyl of the Royal Family wavingfrom a  Balcony of ParkHill flats SheffieldThe print is mounted and glazed within a traditional Guild Frame - the print is personally customised and signed by the Artist  and so is a genuine one offState Dependent Family is one of the first and perhaps the best known of my all my creations.  Rather surprisingly, but hey anyone liking my art is always an unexpected delight, it continues to be popular managing to raise a smile from most people once they have worked outwhose actually waving across to them from the balconies of ParkHill flats.Of course it’s a cynical pastiche of the Windsors waving to their serfs from their usual balcony-  within this image they have been relocated to social housing (like most of their serfs!) , the title ofthe work also makes a comment about the monarchy receiving money fromthe UK taxpayer, which is always a perennial and polarised debateState Dependent Family amalgamates a number of  British icons such asthe Royal Family and possibly Sheffields most controversial  building-the grade 2 listed ParkHill flats;  The piece is also a personaltribute to what I consider as the symbol of  the cultural andpolitical explosion of Punk rock in 1977 ; Jamie Reid’s classic GodSave The Queen flag. -At the time the subverted image of the monarchand the manner in which punk was perceived;both  by the authoritiesand  the silent majority of the general public was indeed a shotacross the bows for the last remnants of imperialism and the BritishEmpire - nothing was sacred anymore and things were certainly nevergoing to be the same again- as a youth this was potent and heady stuffand i don't see anything these days that has the same impact
As its one of my first works its naturally somewhat crude ; Ive neverbeen 100% happy with the pixelation within  the concrete balcony inlarger formats of the image and so I managed to correct the mattersomewhat  in this customised work making it a genuine one off .
I am choosing to support the Red Cross because of the aid they provideto our fellow human beings, particulary in areas of conflict - despitemy adolescent platitudes and armchair politics   i'm terrible atgetting round to donating money but at least i'm honest enough to ownupI do sincerely hope that State Dependent Family catchs someones eyeand fetches the guide price of   £75- I really would be very chuffed if it were to fetch more